You’ve Launched Your Speaker Success!!!


If your goal is to give dynamic engaging speeches and grow your confidence, crediblity, and client base, then let’s talk. I can give you the strategic advice during your call that can turn you into a speaking superstar!

In this quick, 30-minute session, you will:

1. Clarify your #1 speaking goal.

2. Uncover the #1 speaking challenge you face.

3. Develop your action plan to grow your business/career with speaking.

Arvee Robinson is a master speaker trainer, international speaker, three time bestselling author, and podcaster. She teaches business owners and entrepreneurs how to use public speaking as a marketing strategy so they can attract more clients, generate unlimited leads, and grow their businesses fast. Arvee has helped hundreds of individuals to win clients and close more sales every time they speak. Arvee offers private coaching, workshops, home study courses and weekly masterclasses. Her persuasive speaker training programs transform ordinary business owners into superstars in their industry.

Client Raves

Arvee’s coaching is priceless!
Before meeting Arvee, I struggled with how to craft a killer speech from start to finish. I heard Arvee speak during a Master Speaker Event and was impressed with her breadth of knowledge around professional speaking. I especially loved her ‘sandwich’ technique for developing speeches. I decided on the spot to participate in her program and have not looked back! Within two days of joining, and without my asking, Arvee provided one-on-one coaching for my upcoming speaking engagement. The feedback from the speech was awesome and I was invited back for an extensive speaking engagement. I am grateful to Arvee for her superb mentoring and feel incredibly fortunate to have her as part of my professional development team!
- Paulette M. Bethel, PhD.

Daniel Hall, Speakers Cruise Free
As an experienced speaker and author, I thought I was pretty savvy at closing sales from the stage. Then, in just one coaching session, Arvee Robinson showed me how to dramatically increase my closing rate! She can even teach an old dog like me some new tricks! If you are serious abut your speaking career plug into Arvee’s wisdom.
- Daniel Hall, Speakers Cruise Free

I couldn’t have done it without Arvee!
When I met Arvee I knew I wanted to start speaking but I did not know how to go about it. I took all of Arvee’s training and coaching programs. I learned how to write and give my speech and how to go about booking myself. Shortly after finishing her training I spoke to a major financial group that I never would have been able to speak to before. Thanks Arvee!
- Lynda J. Roth, LJR Consulting Services