Every Speaker Needs To Ask These

10 Questions…

Stepping on Stage!

Any speaker who doesn’t ask these essential questions can hurt their career.

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FREE Speaker Guide From Master Speaker Trainer & Best Selling Author Arvee Robinson

In this guide, Arvee walks you through the essentials of shining on stage.

You’ll discover:

  • How to know when to say YES to a speaking engagement
  • When to say NO to a speaking invitation
  • What to ask to ensure you are prepared to give a captivating speech

About Arvee Robinson

Arvee Robinson helps entrepreneurs craft their core messages and persuasive presentations that attract high-paying clients like a magnet.

Yes, you can become a speaking superstar. I’d love to show you how to break free from the fear of public speaking so you can speak your purpose with passion, make authentic connections with your audience, and leave a lasting positive impression that keeps them coming back for more.

Since overcoming my own fears of public speaking, I’ve delivered over 3,500 live presentations and taught over 5,000 service professionals, business owners, and entrepreneurs how to be at ease in front of an audience.

And I can teach you, too, with a simple system for speaking that helps you craft core messages and persuasive presentations that build rapport and motivate attendees to take massive action.

Don’t let fear of failure, inadequacy or embarrassment hold you back any longer.

Client Raves

Working with Arvee increased my sales!
Before meeting Arvee, I knew I had great information to share with other businesses, which would increase my sales, but I was unclear on what to say and how to say it. After working with Arvee I developed a great marketing message while building my confidence to speak. Now, I’m creating and delivering seminars to over 30 other businesses, which is increasing my sales in a unique way! Working with Arvee has opened up new ides and options to grow my business.
- Eric Shepard

I now have the confidence and skill I need.
Arvee’s Speaker Training Intensive is dynamite! Arvee gave me step-by-step tools, skills, and templates to use everyday. During the workshop, Arvee helped us use each skill she taught and experience the success. Within 3 weeks of working with Arvee I was able to deliver a 2-hour presentation and teach a 5-hour technical workshop of my own with confidence and skill. The results were much better than if I had not worked with Arvee.
- Todd Rindlisbaker, Salt Lake City, UT

Arvee’s formula will make you thousands!
A lot of top sales trainers use public speaking to grow their businesses but they don’t offer the formula on ‘how to.’ Arvee’s Speaker Training Intensive is the best investment! Her hands-on seminar allows you to implement your new written speeches and strategies to get out there and speak instantly without ‘winging it.’ Arvee provides tremendous value in her perfect formula, which if implemented, can make you thousands of dollars for getting out there and speaking. She is an amazing trainer! I’ve never seen anything like this!
- Alicia Moreno, Ama Finance