There are basically five speeches every business owner needs to have ready to present at any given time to gain visibility in their market, sell products and services, generate leads, and grow their business.

1. The Elevator Speech (10-second soundbite)

The first speech is affectionately known by many as the elevator speech. It is really a 10-second soundbite that you say when you are asked the question, “What do you do?” However, most businesspeople call the 30-second self-introduction an elevator speech which is the second speech you need to have perfected.

2. Your Core message (30-second self-introduction)

The 30-second self-introduction I call your core message because it is the core of what you do. Your core message is a 30-second speech describing what you do, who you do it for, and the benefits to your prospects along with your name and title.

You want to use your core message when you introduce yourself at networking events. At most networking events whether in-person or virtual you will get the opportunity to introduce yourself. Typically, you get 30 seconds to do this. This is your core message.

3. Pocket Speech (1-minute Value)

Sometimes at a networking event, if there is a smaller group, you may get more than 30 seconds to introduce yourself. You could get a full minute. It is important to have your 1-minute pocket speech ready. This is the speech you have in your pocket and ready to go and deliver at a moment’s notice.

It will have some of the same elements as the 30-second self-intro. However, to keep it from becoming a commercial that bores your audience, add a valuable tip. By adding a tip you will keep your pocket speech from sounding like a self-serving commercial and it will keep your audience’s attention and be more apt to get you business.

4. 5-Minute Showcase (Mini speech)

The 5-minute showcase is a business presentation that is normally planned. Unlike the pocket speech, you will know ahead of time that you are scheduled to speak. You may be a sponsor, exhibitor, or special guest, and the event host may honor you by giving you five minutes to speak.

The 5-minute showcase is not a commercial. It is a mini-speech that will serve to showcase your business. Even though these are usually planned for ahead of time, you always want to make sure you have a 5-minute speech ready to go just in case you get an opportunity at the last minute.

Overall, your 5-minute showcase gives you an opportunity to share your expertise, background, and your products and services.


5. 30-Minute Speech (Signature Talk)

The 30-minute speech is your signature talk. This is the talk that sets you up for business that you give over and over. It is this speech that you will build rapport, generate leads, and ultimately get attract new clients.

This speech is the go-to speech when asked to be the featured speaker at a networking event. However, you could have multiple signature talks. I recommend having two. One that is strictly business and the other that hits the emotions. If done right, they both will set you up to grow your business. One does it on an intellectual level and one on an emotional level. Have them both ready and titled differently. When talking to the host of the event you can give them a choice of which speech they would like you to give.


6. Workshop

A workshop is none other than a longer talk. It could be 1, 2, or 3 hours or longer. It’s more than just a speech. It’s a training session where you teach your audience how to do something they don’t know how to do. It is a great way to spend more time with your prospects and show them want you can do. There are multiple ways you can deliver your information. It could be a webinar, Zoom meeting, or an in-person event. The beauty of hosting your own workshop is the ability to spend more time with your audience, share your knowledge, and close for the business.

No matter which one of these six speeches you do, you will want to have all of them ready because you never know when someone will ask you to deliver your presentation. It’s just a matter of time.

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