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Power Day is designed for busy people who want to experience total immersion and learn fast!

Learn one-on-one, how to master the skill of persuasive speaking to get the results you want.

  • Craft your killer elevator speech (core message).
  • Turn your elevator speech into a magnetic self-introduction.
  • Develop your professional story that earns you the right to speak.
  • Create your 30-minute signature speech using my system.
  • Develop success stories and testimonials.
  • Add audience participation techniques to your speech.
  • Practice voice exercises to strengthen your vocal instrument.
  • Outline places to speak with your target market.


  • Develop your entire front-of-the-room signature presentation.
  • Obtain training and personal coaching during each step of the process.
  • Practice your skills on-stage and receive valuable feedback as you perfect your presentation.

A taste of what you will discover and much more…

  • The 10 key elements every speech must contain.
  • How to craft a magnetic self-introduction.
  • How to create an explosive opening that will immediately hook your audience.
  • How to craft and deliver powerful, captivating stories that allows you to connect with your audience and gain their trust.
  • Step-by-step system to develop and deliver a winning sales presentation guaranteed to have your audience buy your product or service.
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