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The ultimate journey and public speaking mentoring program where YOU choose the “speed limit” of your speaking success… YOU are in the driver’s seat!


As a personal student of Arvee Robinson, you will receive one-on-one coaching to learn the dynamics of becoming a powerful, persuasive public speaker. Roadmap to Speaking Success is for those who are looking for coaching on a much deeper level, are extremely motivated to become as powerful and as persuasive of a speaker as possible… and to put those skills into action.

With Arvee Robinson’s advanced reinforced training, and necessary accountability, she will help you not only become a more persuasive public speaker… she will coach you in actually getting out there, giving live speaking presentations, and attracting high paying clients!

Get ready to become a speaking superstar!

Arvee’s Roadmap to Speaking Success offers several mentoring and coaching options, from her most sought after 3-month program Full Throttle, to Joy Ride, a 1-hour phone coaching session.

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Working with Arvee increased my sales!

Before meeting Arvee, I knew I had great information to share with other businesses, which would increase my sales, but I was unclear on what to say and how to say it. After working with Arvee I developed a great marketing message while building my confidence to speak. Now, just a few months later, I’m creating and delivering seminars to over 30 other businesses, which is increasing my sales in a unique way! Working with Arvee has opened up new ides and options to grow my business.

Eric Shepard,

You’ll never regret the investment!

To say I was a non-speaker is an understatement; I literally shook in front of an audience! I instinctively knew this was a hurdle I needed to overcome in order to grow my business. Arvee’s careful guidance gave me the systems, tools and confidence I needed to begin my speaking career, and I have never looked back. If results are what you’re looking for, Arvee is the one to work with. You’ll never regret the investment!

Jill Redfern, RN, CNHP


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Full Throttle | 3-month program*

  • Craft your killer elevator speech (core message).
  • Turn your elevator speech into a magnetic self-introduction.
  • Develop your professional story that earns you the right to speak.
  • Create your 30-minute signature speech using my system.
  • Develop success stories and testimonials.
  • Add audience participation techniques to your speech.
  • Practice voice exercises to strengthen your vocal instrument.
  • Outline places to speak with your target market.
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Road Trippin’ | 6-month program

Includes everything listed above in the Full Throttle Program, PLUS!

  • Develop or refine your own money-making coaching programs.
  • Create your own LIVE events, workshops, and bootcamps.
  • Learn how to market your events and get people to attend.
  • Practice speaking with your entire body; body language.
  • Develop webinars and teleclasses.
  • Sell from the platform using proven formula.
  • Create/develop your marketing funnel.
  • Stage time LIVE on one of my stages (15 minutes).
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Private Coaching

Buckle Up | 12-month program*

Includes everything listed above in the Full Throttle & Road Trippin’ Program, PLUS!

  • Strategy for getting on more and bigger stages.
  • Develop your own high-ticket item; i.e. mastermind.
  • Learn how to conduct/host your high-ticket program.
  • Create your own info-products.
  • Craft video strategy and YouTube videos.
  • Stage time LIVE on one of my stages (15 minutes).
  • Leverage my list of 20K to promote your events.
  • BONUS: Superstar Speaker Training Intensive (VALUE $2997).
  • BONUS: Passionately Speaking Program for Life (VALUE $3997).
  • BONUS: My library of speaking info-products (VALUE $850).
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Private Coaching

Joy Ride | 1-hour personalized phone coaching

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