Arvee Robinson International

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How long have you been a speaker trainer?
a I opened my speaker training business in 2003, however, during my 23-year career in Corporate America, I was coaching my colleagues on how to get more clients using public speaking for years.

What size of businesses do you work with?
aSmall, medium, large. My favorite groups to work with are successful entrepreneurs because they make a lot of decisions and they make them quickly.

I have a fear of public speaking, could you help me overcome my fear?
a Yes. I teach proven techniques to eliminate the fear fast and look confident even though at first you may not feel that way.

What does Superstar Speaking mean?
aIt means that you can become a superstar in your industry, the expert.

What is the difference between speaker training and speaker coaching?
a Speaker training is in a small group setting and speaker coaching is private one-on-one sessions.

What types of coaching programs do you offer?
answer 3 months (12 hours) $2,500
6 months (24 hours) $5,000
12 month (50 hours) $10,000
Power Day (12 hours) $3,500
Group (1 Year Memberhip) $497

Mastermind (Invitation Only – 1 Year Mentoring Program) $12,000

I just need help tweaking my existing speech, can you help me improve it?
aYes! I offer a 4 hour session to do just that. Fee is $1,000.

What type of service industries do you serve?
aFinancial, Insurance, Real Estate, Accounting, Estate Planning, and Mortgage.

I live outside of California; can you coach me over the phone?
aYes. Telephone or Skype work great.

Can anyone attend your speaking workshops and events?
aYes. Check out my events page.

What is a speaker sandwich?
aIt’s a metaphor for teaching people how to craft a persuasive presentation that sells.

Do you present speeches or keynotes to businesses and corporations?
a Yes, all over the world.

How can I book your services for my company?
a Please contact my assistant Denise at 909-949-8527.

Do you sell your products online?
a Yes. Check out my products page.

How can I know where you’ll be speaking next?
a Good question! Check out my events page for United States and International speaking engagements.

Do you offer a money back guarantee if I am not satisfied?
a Yes, we do. You have three days from the time of purchase. After that, if you are not satisfied, we will continue working together to get you want you need.

What type of payment plans do you offer?
a Various options to fit your needs.