I have never taken drugs, so I do not know what that is like. But I have felt the high of public speaking and there is no greater elevated feeling! It feels like you are on top of the world. There is great satisfaction from seeing your audience change right before your eyes. The new hope, joy, and love they have found from listening to your encouraging words. Changing lives. Saving lives. Reaching new heights!

If you want to impact more people with your words, strive to reach new heights with your speech. Get excited about your message, your audience, and the impact you are about to make. Get excited about public speaking and where it can take you and your audience.

How To Set Yourself Up For A Standing Ovation

To reach new heights, let us go through the acronym HEIGHTS:

H is for Heartfelt Message

To go high you need to go deep. Take your signature talk and speak it from the heart. Getting in touch with how you feel about your topic and how it can impact the lives of your audience. What does that impact look like? What does it look like if you do not touch your audience? How important is your message?! Make it important and make it life changing!

E is for Escape the World.

Your presentation is an escape for some people. They just want to focus on your message and imagine for a moment in time that they are or have what you are sharing. They want to leave behind whatever else is going on in their life and in the world and experience your message. Give them that by becoming a great storyteller. Stories suspend time and allow us an escape even if only for a moment.

I is for Inspire Others

Your duty as a speaker is to inspire your audience. Inspire them to see the greatness inside of them and be all they can be. Encourage them to seek whatever they are looking for. Give them hope to continue their journey. Inspire them to reach new heights within themselves.

G is for Gift Your Talents.

Your talents are a gift, share them with others. If your talents include singing, or playing an instrument, integrate them into your speech and bring them to the stage. There is no greater way to feel high on stage than when you are gifting your talents to your audience.

H is for Humorous Stories.

One of the fastest ways to uplift others is to share a funny story. People love to laugh. It gives them an escape and changes their physical and mental state. There are funny events that happen to us every day. Use them in your speech. Or you can use jokes and turn them into humorous stories. Always bring humor to your presentation. Keep your stories short and, ideally have them tie into your presentation.

T is for Transform Lives.

Your message can transform lives. People want transformation in their life that leads to permanent change. In a 15-, 20-, or 30-minute speech you can bring awareness for the need for transformation however, the process of transformation is accomplished over time. Therefore, give your audience a way to get more. At the end of your presentation invite them to participate in a strategy session with you, a workshop, or even a coaching program. Always offer them a way to experience the transformation they seek that will lead to the permanent change they desire.

S is for Standing Ovation.

There is nothing that feels better for a speaker than getting a standing ovation. When you provide your audience with these new HEIGHTS, build rapport and connection, you will set yourself up for a standing ovation.

There is no other feeling like speaking on stage. That is why speakers often speak for free because they get high on public speaking.

For more information watch this brief video training: https://youtu.be/6Hf1YQPvUIo