Meet Arvee Robinson

The Master Speaker Trainer, International Speaker, and Author who offers you the tools, and confidence, to become a speaking Superstar in your industry! For over a decade, Arvee has been successfully training business owners, service professionals, and entrepreneurs how to use public speaking as a marketing strategy.

Million Dollar Speaker Summit

June 2-4, 2017 – Newport Beach CA

Learn how to Make MILLIONS with Your Message, Lead a Movement and Create a Revolutionary Legacy with Your Words all while Living the Life of Your Dreams!

Speaker Training Intensive

Interactive 4-day Workshop
Limit: 12 students | July 13 – 17, 2017

Learn how to master the skill of persuasive speaking to get the results you want!

Learning how to become a Superstar Speaker has never been so FUN!

Arvee Robinson International’s exclusive speaker training, keynote presentations, private and/or group coaching, live events and products, offer you enhanced communication skills to help you become a confident, persuasive public speaker –
even if you have never spoken in public.

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Public Speaking Superstar!



Arvee’s exclusive proven speaker system has helped over 5,000 people to instantly attract more clients, generate unlimited leads, grow their business, and get their message out to the world.



Those who have participated in Arvee’s powerful coaching programs gain the persuasive speaking skills that will motivate your audience to respond the way you want them to, attract more quality clients and increase your earning potential.


Live Events

Arvee Robinson, The Master Speaker Trainer, International Speaker, and Author will teach you how to become a Speaking Superstar in your industry!


Arvee’s Proven System Gets You Past Your Stumbling Blocks

You Have a Message

And you feel the urge to share it but…

You’re not sure how to make it impactful or professional enough

And you have a pretty good story, too, but it just isn’t coming together quite right

You’re not even confident that anyone even wants to hear what you have to say

And now you’ve put it off so long, the wait feels more comfortable than doing it

You Only Wish...

There was a reliable, scalable system to…

Create your signature talk and put speaking on auto-pilot! (There is!)

Know how to monetize your message and finally know your worth and get it! (Yep!)

Figure out where to go to speak and how to get speaking gigs! (And more!)

Get rid of the fear that stops you in your tracks and live your dreams! (You can!)

What’s Your Pleasure? Live Events, Group Coaching, Private Coaching, Learn at Home?
Arvee’s gotcha covered!


April 20 – 23, 2017

Learn how to master the skill of persuasive speaking to get the results you want!

  • Develop your entire front-of-the-room signature presentation.
  • Obtain training and personal coaching during each step of the process.
  • Practice your skills on-stage and receive valuable feedback as you perfect your presentation.

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Passionately Speaking

1-hour weekly Tele-coaching with one year membership
| Listen | Learn | Engage | Speak |
Do you want your presentations to attract more quality clients? The Passionately Speaking Apprentice Program may be just right for you!


Private Coaching

The ultimate journey and public speaking mentoring program where YOU choose the “speed limit” of your speaking success…

YOU are in the driver’s seat!


Power Day

12 Hour LIVE Workshop! Power Day is designed for busy people who want to experience total immersion and learn fast! Learn one-on-one, how to master the skill of persuasive speaking to…

Get the results you want!


Read what just a few of Arvee’s clients have to say…

Now I’m a confident speaker!...

I attended Arvee’s 4-day Speaker Training Intensive. It was amazing. Not just with what you learn, but the confidence you gain. I learned how to organize a speech that holds attention and uses persuasive language to create a natural flow of the information I want to get across. She’s great!

Christine Scheiner, Business Realities

Arvee’s formula will make you thousands!...
A lot of top sales trainers use public speaking to grow their businesses but they don’t offer the formula on ‘how to.’ Arvee’s Speaker Training Intensive is the best investment! Her hands-on seminar allows you to implement your new written speeches and strategies to get out there and speak instantly without ‘winging it.’ Arvee provides tremendous value in her perfect formula, which if implemented, can make you thousands of dollars for getting out there and speaking. She is an amazing trainer! I’ve never seen anything like this!



Alicia Moreno, Ama Finance

I now have the confidence and skill I need...
Arvee’s Speaker Training Intensive is dynamite! Arvee gave me step-by-step tools, skills, and templates to use everyday. During the workshop, Arvee helped us use each skill she taught and experience the success. Within 3 weeks of working with Arvee I was able to deliver a 2-hour presentation and teach a 5-hour technical workshop of my own with confidence and skill. The results were much better than if I had not worked with Arvee.



Todd Rindlisbaker, Salt Lake City, UT

Arvee’s program reaps huge dividends...
I went to Arvee’s 1-day seminar on speaking and was expecting to leave after the first break. I ended up staying the entire day. She packed more into each hour than most other seminar givers do in an entire weekend. To say that Arvee gives you far more than you can imagine is an understatement and I am a professional in the industry.



David Malek, Newport Beach, CA

Persuasive Speaking Mastery

This set of 6 audio CDs and 4 video DVDs contains eight hours of powerful public speaking training that will show you step-by-step how you can become more persuasive and use public speaking as a marketing strategy to explode your business growth.

Killer Kloses

This DVD set features 10 of the best of the best closers in the speaker and seminar business. Watch and study “Killer Klosers” by Mark Victor Hansen, Joel Bauer, Eric Lofholm, Melanie Benson-Strick, John Childers, Daniel Hall, Lee Pound, Arvee Robinson and more!

Become a Networking Superstar

This 3-CD program teaches you a step-by-step formula to create a killer elevator pitch and magnetic introduction that motivates people to buy now. Includes a formula to craft a 1 to 5 minute business showcase. Full of networking techniques, tips, and secrets – turn your networking efforts into $$.

Elevator Speech & Introduction Workbook

Boost your business today by what you say in the first 10 seconds. A step-by-step formula for creating your own powerful 10-second sound bite and killer 30-second magnetic introduction that attracts clients.
Instant Download!

Looking to hire an in-demand professional speaker?

Speak Up, Cash In!

Keynote Topics include: Marketing, Networking, and Book Sales.

These presentations outline the real-time benefits of speaking to grow your business, generate more leads, increase sales and expand your influence.

Boost Your Business Today by What You Say in the First 10 Seconds

Arvee will personally teach you the secrets of persuasive speaking and how to use public speaking as a marketing strategy to attract more clients, generate unlimited leads and make more money!

5 Easy Ways to Eliminate Stage Fright Forever!

This presentation will teach you the secrets to getting your butterflies to fly in formation and never look nervous in front of a crowd again. We have all heard that public speaking is the #1 fear, even outranking death.