This is an early 2023 update… Events have changed, including live events. I organize an event each year for SCORE. For the previous year’s event, we had over 100 people signed up a month in advance. This year 12 days before the event, we have 33 people and 10 of them are speakers, myself, and the other Chair. So 12 of us out of 33 are speakers. That means 20 people signed up. I’m on the line for 80 people’s lunches. Of course, I was panicking. So I had a come to Jesus meeting with my 10 speakers because as part of the event they have got to help bring in people. And they did. Everybody pitched in. By the time we had the event, I had 80 people there, exactly 80.

Create Good Karma – Don’t Be A Last Minute Sign Up

I have talked to a lot of other speakers who do events, and they all say people are waiting until the last minute. Don’t be one of those people because it causes a lot of anxiety for event hosts. There is stress on the hotel too as they have to pivot last minute to bring in extra tables and may not have enough staffing and they’ll have to prep extra food. Furthermore, the extra tables don’t get decorated or have extra gifts for participants to take home. At one event, I had people that came who didn’t even pay I had to chase to get their payment for the event because of course on the website the event is closed and we can’t reopen it.

Do yourself a favor, create good karma for yourself, and register early for events. And also get there early. Several of our late registrants came late too. Please become a planner when it comes to going to events.

Keep Track of Your Numbers & Use Them In Your Planning for the Next Event

Take into account that the industry has changed and people are waiting to the last minute to sign up. That makes it hard for you to plan an exact count of people at your event. What we do see in the industry is that 20% of those who register, don’t show up.

At my event 10% didn’t show up. I had accounted for 20% not showing up. So if I had 70 signed up times 20% and then subtracted that from 70. I gave the hotel kitchen the number 54. But in my case, it wasn’t. All my years of experience, it’s always been 20 %. And now for this particular event, it was 10%. So now I know that for next year. You always have to know your numbers! It’s simple accounting.

Here’s what I track:

  • Exactly how much money you made
  • Exactly what your expenses were
  • Exactly who came and who didn’t and
  • Who paid and who didn’t.

Yes, it takes time. I spent almost all a whole day gathering these numbers. But now I know my numbers and next year I can plan better based on those numbers.

Why is it so different?

Because we’ve come out of COVID. It’s different. It’s a new game. It’s a new playing field now. Things that I learned before are changing because people are different. People are changing. People are scared. People are worried about gas prices. It’s like I had a girl that came last year, a client of mine, and she said something like, Oh, well, I don’t see how it can benefit me.
I’m like, You’re starting out. You don’t have any clients. You don’t know how it can benefit you. She found me by going last year. It’s all about connections.
Set Your Intention

If you approach your event thinking, I don’t know how it’s going to benefit me, then it’s not. Yes, you can set your intention for audience numbers. However, go beyond that. Instead, you might think “I’m going to get a client today. I’m going to meet someone who’s going to change my business today. I’m going to meet someone that I’m going to change their business today.” You go in with those intentions and you will get that intention, whatever it is.

There’s a caveat. You want to do is set one focused intention. Don’t set a lot of intentions or high numbers. I don’t go in intending, I want 10 clients or want to help 10 people. If I help one person, it’s worth my time. If I have one great connection, it’s worth my time. Each person who becomes a client is worth it. So yes, you have to attend networking meetings oftentimes more than once (especially if you’re speaking). It pays off, believe me.

Be Grateful

Gratitude works as a magnetic force. Thank your host. Thank your clients. Thank the people you meet. And more good energy and opportunities will flow to you.

I am grateful for you. If you’d like to learn more about my inner circle Passionately Speaking membership, I would be grateful to speak with you, learn about your goals, and determine if it’s a good fit.

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