Speaking has always been a great way to build your list and database. No matter how many followers you have on social media when it comes to inviting people to an event whether it be live, virtual, or a webinar, the list is more effective than social media. And you do not need to spend a lot of money on advertising or sponsorships.

Your list when properly taken care of will become your personal gold mine.

As a speaker, you will likely receive opportunities to speak on other people’s virtual stages and build your database. By building your following one person at a time, you will then be able to market to them and invite them into your own room. And that is where the personal transformation and money occur.

How to Build Your Email List at Virtual Events

When you are speaking at a live event it is easy to build a list. You do a raffle, collect business cards, give away a $20 book or Starbuck’s card and you will receive 99% of the business cards in the room interested in winning the raffle.

In the virtual world, it is more challenging to get people to take action and give you their names and email.

To motivate your audience to give you their contact information your gift has to be of substantial value. In other words, a $20 book or e-gift card will not motivate them to act. I have been testing this phenomenon for the past two years and have come up with the magic number.

The magic gift value is $250 which will motivate the majority of your audience to take action and give you their contact information.

This virtual raffle gift can be a gift basket or a gift card to someplace cool like Nordstrom’s or Costco. Do not create a gift that has strings attached. For example, a $250 gift certificate for your coaching services. This must be a pure gift.

If you are speaking to an international audience do not use a physical gift because it could be awfully expensive to ship. Instead use an electronic gift card to an international source such as Amazon.

The challenge is explaining how the gift giveaway will work. Like an in-person raffle with business cards, you want to talk about what the cool gift is and the value of the gift.

Now that you have shared information about the gift you have got the people ready to play the game and collect their names and emails. First, ask everyone to take out their smartphone and tell them to physically email you right now, from their phone or computer, and put in the subject: “I Want to Win” (so you can identify the email). Then you need to wait a few minutes for the people and the system to bring email into your phone.

During this time of waiting, keep speaking and give your audience extra bonus tips to fill the potential silence and keep their attention. Encourage them to keep the emails coming. Give your bonus content. In about 5 minutes, take your phone scroll through the email, and show that you are doing that on the screen. Then at some point stop with your finger on your phone screen and read the winner you selected. That is how you do it smoothly and efficiently.

How To Grow Your Email List By 1,250 Names Fast

As mentioned above, you will need a list if you want to host your own events and invite your own people. Let’s look at the numbers. If an average virtual room has 25 participants, you will need to speak at 50 events to build your list to 1,250.

Once you have 1,250 people in your database then you can start marketing and inviting them to attend your own webinars, virtual and live events. Keep in mind that just because you have 1,250 people on your list does not mean they will all show up for your events. The average number of people to sign-up for a free event is 1%. That means 12.5 people will sign up and only 40% of them will actually show up for the event which equals 5 people. You can increase this number by continuing to build your list.

Set your goal to grow your list substantially and then you’ll be ready to transform your business with your own events.

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