Closing from the virtual stage is very different from closing at live in-person events. If you’re using your old techniques, you will be disappointed with your sales online. In this video, you’ll learn my 7 steps to selling from the virtual stage.

In 30 minutes, using this new formula, you’ll learn how I sold 32% of the virtual attendees on a virtual multi-speaker event. Plus, I was the first of 16 speakers to present. None of the other speakers made the kind of sales I did. That’s because they were using outdated strategies. You need to stay up with the latest trends of selling in the virtual world and get attendees to take action.

Learn How to Become A Million-Dollar Speaker

Learn everything you need to know about how to become a million-dollar speaker. In the Million Dollar Speaker Summit Arvee is teaching state-of-the-art “must-know” speaker tools and techniques to close from the virtual stage. The virtual stage is the new normal. Speakers must adapt or get left behind.