Your core message is the essence of what it is you do in your business. Furthermore, every other message you use in your business or on the stage comes from your core message. This includes your elevator speech, self-introduction, your bio, and your signature talk.

Therefore, you need to get clear on your core message. Think about the benefits of what you do and the problem you solve. When you get to that truth, you have magically tapped into what people want to buy.

Core Message Structure

Typically, your core message is one or two sentences and is approximately 10 seconds in length. It contains an action verb, your target market, what you do for them, and the benefits to the client. It is that simple.

For example, my core message is, “I teach business owners how to use public speaking to market themselves so they can generate unlimited leads, attract more clients, and grow their business fast!”

That is it.

Elements of A Core Message

The elements of your one to two sentence core message include:

  1. Action verb. Examples: teach, educate, mentor, coach, empower, provide, assist.
  2. Target market. Who do you like to serve? Be specific. Examples: busy professionals, stay-at-home moms, baby-boomers, small businesses with ten employees or more.
  3. What do you do? Example: 7-step system, financial wealth building, vibrant health, etc.
  4. The benefits. What are the benefits of solving the problem or working with you? What is the benefit of what you do? What is the outcome?

When you hone your core message and speak to the problem you solve and the benefits they receive, that’s when people will want to know more about what you do and buy from you.

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