What in the heck is a speaker one sheet? As a speaker, you probably heard the term speaker one sheet and may have an idea what it is but not exactly.

In this article, you’ll learn what a speaker one sheet is, what to put on it, and where and when to use it.

What is a Speaker One Sheet

A speaker one sheet is one sheet of paper that tells about you and your talk. It’s essentially a speaker resume.

What to Put On Your Speaker One Sheet

To create a great speaker one sheet, make sure to include the following on it:

  • Your name
  • An outstanding picture of you (not a mug shot)
  • Title of your signature talk
  • 5 bullet points of what they are going to get
  • A testimonial from someone who’s listened to you speak (if you have room include a total of 3 testimonials)
  • A brief bio (preferred at the bottom along with your photo)
  • Contact information
  • Social media icons and links
  • Featured in – logos or names of the places you’ve been featured
  • Optional: additional topics

Your speaker one sheet doesn’t have to be a professional expensive one. It can be a simple MS Word document. Some one sheets include multiple topics others focus only on a signature talk.

Your one sheet should be a file (typically in pdf format) that you can send electronically when someone asks do you have more info and what do you speak about.

For me, when hiring speakers, I like to know what their speech is and bullet points describing what they are going to deliver. If you want more topics you can add that.

Professional one sheets don’t cost a lot. Nonetheless, don’t let that hold you back. A Word doc saved as pdf will work just fine.

What To Do With Your Speaker One Sheet

You can identify places you want to speak at and send your speaker one sheet with an introductory cover letter where you introduce yourself and (after doing your research) clearly state how you might fit for their organization. You might use the phrase, “I think I have a topic of interest to your organization.” Offer them the opportunity to reach out and discuss more. You may even suggest customizing something to fit their needs. Then end with, “If you’re interested let me know.“

Your cover letter is just meant to get them to read it and invite them to call or email you. Then when they do, set up an appointment. Don’t sell the speaking engagement until you develop the relationship.

Ideally, put your one sheet on your website in the speaker section of your website.

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