A business showcase is a short presentation about your business. It is NOT an extended elevator speech, self-promo, or commercial. Instead, it’s a five-minute talk that highlights your business and adds value to your audience. It’s considered a mini-speech because the focus is on giving value, not on self-promotion.

When you give a five-minute showcase, unlike a regular speech, you do not get formally introduced. Don’t expect someone to introduce you for two minutes when you are only giving a five-minute presentation. Therefore, you will want to build your self-introduction into your showcase.

Here is my five-minute showcase formula:

Step 1: Attention Grabber

Start your showcase with a strong attention grabber, statement, or enrolling questions. The main purpose of this attention grabber is to get your audience to listen to you. It’s not “hello, how are you?” Rather it’s something powerful that will jolt them out of what they are currently thinking and focus on what you are talking about. Make it big and bold.

Step 2: Core Message

Your core message is your 10-second elevator speech. It’s what you say when people ask you, what do you do? Be sure to state the benefits of what your business products and services do for your clients.

Step 3: State Your Full Name, Company Name, and Credentials.

This is where you introduce yourself. State your full name, company name, and any credentials you have. Credentials could include, college degrees, years in business, awards, or any other accomplishments that may set you apart.

Step 4: A brief professional story

Your professional story is about how you got into the business that you are in. Since you only have five minutes, you shouldn’t spend more than one minute on your professional story. The focus should be on why you got into the business you are in.

Step 5: Give valuable content

This is the step that makes your showcase a business presentation and not a commercial. This is the most important part. Don’t leave this step out because you think you don’t have enough time. Leave something else out. You must give value.

Here are a couple of ideas: Give a great tip and a powerful testimonial. You have approximately three minutes to give value. This is the bulk of your five-minute showcase. Give one great tip and go as deep as you can. Add a testimonial if you have one. If you don’t have a testimonial, give a second tip. The tips are more important than the testimonial.

Step 6: Invitation

Invite your audience to come see you after the meeting. You can say something like, “I hope you enjoyed this valuable tip, if you would like more tips, come and see me at the end of the meeting.” If it’s virtual, you would say, “If you want more tips like this, email me, my email address is in the chat.” In this short showcase it would be a big mistake not to have an invitation. Especially now that you know how short and sweet it can be.

Step 7: Memorable statement

Leave your audiences with something memorable. Here are some examples:

  • If you were a health coach, you could say something like: Health is a choice you make every day.
  • Dog sitter: Animals have rights too.
  • Financial Advisor: It’s never too late to plan for your retirement.

The memorable statement will further impact the desire to connect with you.

Other uses for your five-minute business showcase

Once you’ve crafted your five-minute business showcase, consider creating a video of it. Use your phone, be in an attractive setting that matches your brand, and record it. Then you can use this on your website, on your About page, or Speaker page. You can also upload it to each of your social media sites.

For more training on how you can create your 5-minute showcase watch this video training: