When a speaker gives a one-hour speech it is like working an eight-hour day. Therefore, it is important for speakers to keep their energy and stamina operating at the highest level. I am going to share with you four ways you can stay strong.

How to Keep Your Energy and Stamina Up

1. Vitamins and supplements.

In 2003, when I started my business, I hosted a 3-day event called “Speak Your Way to Wealth.” It was a multi-speaker event which was a popular seminar model at the time. It was exciting to have superstar speakers such as Mark Victor Hansen join me on my stage. At the end of three days, I was exhausted. I felt like I had been hit by a Mac truck. My business partner, Lee Pound did not share this same experience and after the event he went out to dinner with his wife and several of the attendees. All I could do was to drive home and go to bed. I could not figure out how someone who was nine years older than me had more energy than I had and could go out and socialize afterwards. Months later, I hired a health coach who discovered that my body was cannibalizing itself. Yes, you heard right, cannibalizing! Apparently, I did not have enough protein and nutrients to sustain the high level of energy that I was putting out. Quickly she put me on a vitamin and supplement routine. Prior to that day, I did not take vitamins, supplements, or eat much protein. After a few months, I developed an amazing amount of new energy and stamina. I could host and perform at my 3-day events and go to dinner with the attendees afterwards. It was a great feeling.

I always had lots of energy, but I had no stamina, no lasting power. Once I learned how important it was for a speaker to maintain their health, I realized that’s where stamina comes from. Without the vitamins, supplements, and protein, the amount of energy I put into events put me right into adrenal burnout. That is like burning the candle at both ends is. Adrenal burnout was a new concept to me, but it made total sense once I learned that I was not getting the nutrients my body needed to fully support the amount energy and stamina needed for my live events. Vitamins are the essential component of having the stamina that you need as a speaker whether you‘re going to speak for ten minutes or ten days.

2. Exercise.

Exercise is the second way to keep your speaker body in tip top shape. Speakers need to exercise to develop the stamina necessary to hold their own on stage. As a speaker, give yourself a good physical workout a couple of times a week. This will give you the strength and endurance you need to speak for any length of time. You will have the stamina to host multi-day seminars, retreats, mastermind programs, and whatever you want to do in the future.

3. Eat right.

Another way to create stamina and keep your body in tip top shape is to eat right. My story above demonstrates the important of eating what is right for your body. I did not eat enough protein and that lack of protein caused my body to cannibalize itself. I had no stamina and I thought it was due to age. Since that time, I have changed to a nutritarian diet and feel fantastic! There are many healthy diets on the market, select one that works for you and keep your speaker body in tip top shape. Your audience will appreciate it.

4. Grooming.

If you want to look your best on stage, pay attention to your grooming. When I say grooming, I am talking about being, feeling, and looking your absolute best. Put on the clothes that make you feel great. It could be a nice pair of jeans and sneakers. If they give you the feeling that you are the best and give you more energy, then wear them. With respect for your audience, wear what makes you feel good, and gives you the most energy on stage. However, remember that your attire is a reflection of your business, topic, and you!

Matt Bacak marketerOne year, at our Speak Your Way to Wealth event, we had a guest speaker Matt Bacak. My business partner, Lee Pound and I chatted with him before it was his time to go on stage. When he stepped on stage, he was wearing a nice pair of tan shorts and a black silk short-sleeve shirt. Later that evening we took him out to dinner, and he shared with us that he was talking to his wife earlier that day and he said to her that this event looked like a suit event. However, when he came to talk to us, we did not mention anything about wearing a suit. So, he didn’t. He also shared that he was not a “suit guy” and he felt more comfortable and could do a better job selling in comfortable clothes. By the way, it worked!


Your audience deserves the BEST of you. Take care of yourself with these four keys to keep yourself in tip top shape: take vitamins, eat right, exercise, and pay attention to what makes you feel your best on stage. When you do that, you will grow your stamina, increase your energy, and optimize your look and be in tip top shape!