You can literally make millions of dollars speaking from stage. That is, if you know how. Many speakers don’t learn how to become a million-dollar speaker and make millions from the stage. They settle for average speaking results.

To excel in speaking, you must continually improve your speaking skills. Continue to hone your message and your stories. Learn more about your audience and what they want and how you can reach them at an emotional level. This is how go from an average speaker to a million-dollar speaker.

Step 1: Break Ineffective Habits

At my Million-Dollar Speaker Summit, you learn how to get out of commonality, a place that many speakers are conditioned to speak from. Too many speakers operate out of the conditioning to fit in, be liked, and don’t dare to be different. When you break that mold, you can fully embody your own unique expression. That is what I call the million-dollar speaker. He/she is comfortable on stage and brings their entire authentic being to their presentation. They are absolutely 100% present. They are not coming from a place of ego, fear, or negativity. Instead, they are channeled, secure, and confident.

This is a learned skill that takes many speakers decades of practice to learn without new training and a good mentor. Sometimes, you need to break down the old speaking habits and build new ones to feel this kind of confidence on stage.

Step 2: Get Booked in The Right Places Consistently

Once you feel confident in your new skin and your message is clear, you may be asking: Where do I go? Where do I speak? How do I get booked?

The second part of the Million-Dollar Speaker Summit is about getting booked on more stages and more importantly, the right stages. Those stages where they will love you, your message, and what you stand for. You MUST get on the stages that have your target market in the audience.

Too often people hustle to get on the wrong stages. They go after any stage they can find or podcast or interview that they hear about. They might even pay for speaking spots that seem prestigious, but the audience isn’t aligned with their message. It’s all wrong and they are wasting their time and energy.

Instead, find out who you are, be clear about what your message is, then you will choose the right stage to step on. In doing so, you will have far more impact, self-satisfaction, and you’ll change the lives that you are supposed to change. That’s where you will make the difference you are destined to make.

When you find this clarity, you won’t have to worry about getting speaking engagements, the right speaking opportunities will open for you. When you speak your truth, your purpose, and your greatness to the right audience that will vibrate out to the world and people will want you to speak. You won’t have to do cold calling, door knocking or waiting. They will come to you. That’s how you reach millions of people with your message.

Step 3: Make Millions

The third aspect of the Million-Dollar Speaker Summit is to make millions. Isn’t that what we all want to do? Make money from the stage! We hear about the hundreds of thousands of dollars made. So how do you do that?

If you have the first and second steps in place, it’s easy. When you’re in front of the right audience being yourself and when you share how they can get more of what they just experienced, they will run to the back of the room to buy from you. In fact, they may not even care what you’re selling or how much it is.

I have not only seen this time after time, but I’ve also done it myself repeatedly and I have taught my clients how to do it too. I’m not saying you’re going to sell a million dollars from stage at one event. Yes, it’s possible and it depends on how many people you are speaking to in the room. But what I am saying is, as you are true to yourself and your message and you speak consistently to the right audience, you will make millions over time. I know that for a fact because I’ve done it.

Step 4:  Get More Training

If you’re ready to become a million-dollar speaker, reach millions of people, and make millions doing it then come to Million-Dollar Speaker Summit and learn how you can do this for yourself.

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