If you want to leverage a speaking engagement and sell a ton of books, follow these easy steps:

Step 1

The first step to sell more books from stage is to tweak your signature speech. This is easily done by a technique called “seeding.” For example, seeding means that you mention your book several times during your presentation. Think of it like you are dropping seeds on the stage. When you come to the close of your speech and actually sell your book, your audience will be anxiously waiting to buy it.

Step 2

Another technique to sell more books from the platform is to bring a copy of your book with you on stage. During your presentation, hold your book up high so everyone can see it and refer to it often.

Step 3

This stellar technique works beautifully. Bring several of your books on stage and hand them out to a few people in the front row. At a certain point in your presentation, invite these people to read out loud from your book.

For example, I might be talking about the fear of speaking. Then I would ask someone in the front row who now has my book in their hand, “Go to page 19 and read the first paragraph.” Of course, I would have this paragraph pre-planned to mention. I would also have the books I hand out bookmarked to that page.

A member from the audience would go to that page and start reading the title and first paragraph as follows: “Eliminate Stage Fright Forever. My worst nightmare came true ten minutes into my first speech. My mind went blank. I fumbled with my notes. 300 people stared back at me. Seconds felt like minutes.”

When they read it, there is something emotionally that happens. There’s a connection that happens between them and the book. Have all the audience members that handed a book to read a different paragraph out loud. If you have a lot of books available, you could hand one to every person in the audience, but you’re not going to have every person read from it. Instead, ask them to follow along.

A fun fact, the people who read your book will be the first people to buy your book.

Step 4

Another technique if you have plenty of books available, is to give everyone a copy of the book and YOU read from the book. Let’s say you have a small audience of twenty to twenty-five people.  Hand everyone a copy and now you read it. You don’t have them read it. Tell everyone, “How to Build Rapport with Your Audience. Step number one, grab your audience’s attention. I wanted to scream. I had finished eating a veggie omelet at my favorite Chamber breakfast meeting. When the speaker was introduced, his first words were, ‘good morning, we have 15 offices around the United States.’ I gasped. Another boring presentation.”

What happens again when you read it and they follow along, there is a connection between the audience and the book. The more you make that connection, the more they’re apt to buy the book.

At the end of your presentation, after they’ve had this book in their hands for 30 minutes or more, they’ve held it, opened it, played with it, set it on their lap, and read from it.  Now you close, “For any of you that want to buy the book that you are holding in your hand, it is $20. And you can pay Mary on your way out. For those of you that do not want to buy the book, just pass it to the right, and Mary will pick them up.” Very few people will turn their book in after they spent an hour with it. You will sell 80% of the room using this technique.

Step 5

Set up a table where people can go buy your book. During your close you will want to offer your audience an opportunity to purchase a copy of your book. For example, I might say, “For those of you buy my book today, it’s $20 per book or 2 books for $30 and I will personally autograph it. Just go back to the table where Mary is, and you can buy my book there.” In other words, tell them exactly where to go and visually point it out. Be clear on where to go, how much it costs, and give them a gift for buying. The gift could be a discount for buying more than one book, a free workbook, or the fact that you will personally sign it for them. All of which give your audience more incentive to buy which will increase sales. Speakers who try to sell their books without incentives just don’t sell as many books.

Books give you instant credibility and provide a great opportunity to monetize your speech. The key to selling more books is to get people to read your book. So many people buy books that they don’t read. When you use your book as part of your presentation and they open it up and they read it, whether they follow along as you read or read it out loud, they’ve already started reading the book. And the fact that they started reading it during your speech, is almost a 90% guarantee that they will continue to read the book when they leave your presentation. This is because now they are interested, and they have invested time with it.