Business owners and professionals often think they can speak well on stage, without any training. They usually fail miserably. They don’t know how to build rapport with their audience or package their content in a way the audience will understand and want to know more. As a result, they bore their audience and don’t make any sales.

How An Untrained Speaker Loses Their Audience

Many untrained business speakers turn on the fire hose because they think more content is better. Trust me, less is more. Give the right amount of information so your audience can process, digest, and take it in. Too much information will overwhelm your audience and they will stop listening.  It’s impossible to guide your audience to take the next step with you if they are not paying attention to what you are saying. No sale.

After repeated speaking experiences of “no sales” these speakers think public speaking doesn’t work so they quit doing it. They miss out on the true revenue-generating opportunities and often go broke.

Don’t let that happen to you. It’s easy to get trained. All you need to do is learn a simple system for structuring a persuasive business presentation that builds rapport with your audience and leaves them wanting more. Let’s talk about it. Set up your public speaking strategy session today:

Speaker Training Pays

Donavan Price was a young professional working at his mother’s escrow company. He wanted to stand out from his own family and on his own. He struggled with getting out from underneath the image of “Oh you work for your mom.” He came to me to get trained in public speaking.

As a result of taking my training, he got the confidence to create what is called a caravan meeting. It’s where real estate professionals come together and share each other’s listings and at the end of the meeting they caravan and look at the other’s properties. This technique expands what they can sell and or buy for their buyers or sellers. They share the commissions.

Every week he would have 150 real estate professionals in front of him. Yes, there were escrow, title, and financial advisors there too. Guess who got the attention and visibility? Donavan.

His practice grew. He brought in so many new clients that his entire company, including his mom, took notice. It wasn’t long until he called and told me he bought a boat. This was only two months after we started working together. Not long after that, he was promoted to Vice President in his firm. All because he stepped on stage knowing how to be vulnerable and visible with confidence. He also learned how to present his compelling story.

Give Yourself the Advantage of Speaker Training

If you’re a business owner, it’s important to get trained as a speaker and step on more stages. You’ll gain confidence, credibility, and visibility as the go-to person in your industry. Watch how your influence and income rise.

Check out the Passionately Speaking Apprentice program or book a time to speak with me and learn how you or your team can grow your business by adding public speaking as a marketing strategy. See you on the stage!