5 Secrets to Making Your Networking Work!

(30-60 minutes)

This presentation is full of Arvee’s networking techniques, tips, and tricks for turning networking efforts into dollars. Connecting with other professionals has always been an effective way to get more business. However, just going to networking events and meeting people doesn’t create an avalanche of referrals. Arvee knows how to turn a casual greeting into a business meeting that turns into business. Most people give up way too soon—before a real connection and a relationship are established. She teaches how to make the connection work.

In this presentation, Arvee will teach you how to:

  • Describe the benefit of what you do for your clients.
  • Make connections, not sales.
  • Spot the rainmakers.
  • Gracefully escape after connecting.
  • Overcome communication fears.
  • Create a follow-up strategy for keeping in touch.

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