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The 5 Virtual Closes

Closing in the virtual world is different than on a live stage. It is challenging. Below are 5 sample virtual closes. Select the one that fits you, your audience, and the time you have to speak. Close #1: Virtual Raffle This close is similar to a live raffle. On the...

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How to Do Q & A in Your Presentations

Should you have a Q and A session? In general, it is an old stale model. When you ask, “Are there any questions?” typically the audience has not been given enough notice and it takes people too much time to come up with questions. Then no one raises their hands, and...

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The Art of Telling Your Professional Story

A professional story reveals your rise to your current place in life. Add your professional story into your speeches to build your credibility, relatability and build trust with your audience when speaking on stage or virtually. Public speakers know the power of storytelling

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The 4 Stories Every Presenter Must Master

Storytelling from stage is the most important element of your public speaking. The four stories to master are professional stories, success stories, stories with a lesson, and emotional stories. This post defines the different stories and refers you to the detailed articles on how to craft each with example stories as well.

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Problem, Pain, and Solution

There is a unique piece in a presentation that can make a HUGE difference in your success and bottom line as a speaker. I call it the “problem, pain, and suffering” piece. Most speakers don’t know they should have it. However, it is the key to selling. Here’s how it...

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