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What Audiences Crave Today

Audiences have changed over the years and successful speakers have adapted accordingly. Audiences used to tolerate lectures and would pay good money to hear one. In fact, celebrities, athletes and politicians would drive audiences in droves. This was in the 1970’s....

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How Build Trust and Rapport with Any Audience

Before you get into your content it’s important to build trust and rapport with your audience in order to keep them listening. Most speakers, especially business presenters, make the mistake of getting right to the content. But that creates the feeling of a firehose...

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Create a Powerful Attention Grabber

When you begin a presentation, whether it is virtual or live, you have 3 seconds to grab your audience’s attention. In those 3 seconds they will decide whether you are going to be a good speaker. Therefore, you need to grab their attention fast. There are three great...

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3 Successful Content Elements Of Development

Let Passion Start You Many people think that being passionate about a topic means they can talk about it. This may be true if you have two additional key elements. Passion is the most powerful element. You can't convey a message effectively without passion. However, I...

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Speaking Has Changed

Just because you can speak doesn't automatically mean you're going to capture your audience's attention and drive the response you want. Would you like to know why? Thinking you are a good or great speaker simply isn't enough anymore. If you are going to put yourself...

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You Have A Message That Needs To Be Heard

Are you thinking, "I don't have much to say" or "I don't think what I have to say matters to anyone?" if so, you're not alone in this thinking, but you will be surprised by what the truth really is. I see many brilliant entrepreneurs and passion filled leaders...

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Why You Need Continuous Speaking Improvement

The speaking world has changed as we've moved online. With the virtual stage, you need to know how to operate on the virtual platform. It's more than bringing your energy up... although that is good and important. In addition, there are several other dynamics and...

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