The 6th non-negotiable rule of public speaking is telling stories effectively. We have talked about the 4 stories you must have in your presentation. This is a non-negotiable rule because you must select the right stories for the right amount of time you have to speak. When you have 30 minutes or more, you will have time to add all 4 stories in your speech.

To review the 4 stories they are your professional story, success story, emotional story, and story with the lesson.

How To Choose Your Stories

Speaking times are now getting shorter and shorter in today’s busy online world. Today the normal speaking time is 15 minutes, and it is quickly shortening to 8 minutes. When you have a smaller amount of time, let’s say 15 minutes, you have time for approximately 2 or 3 stories to make your point. If you have more content to cover, then you will want to allocate approximately 2 minutes in a 15-minute speech for each story. You must always include your professional story at the beginning of your speech. However, you may want to shorten it to 3 minutes max and hit only on the key points that are of interest for your current audience.

In this 15-minute talk, you have time to add another story. You get to pick which story it is. It can either be a success story about someone who experienced success with you. Or you could tell a story with a lesson. Or you can share an emotional story like a funny story. Remember, funny equals money.

The story you choose to tell should be determined by our desired outcome. If you are selling an event, product, or service, then I recommend your second story be a success story rather than a story with a lesson or emotional story.

If you are selling, ideally you have 2 or 3 success stories. When people hear the success of other people, they want that. Depending on the group you are speaking to, you must make the success story relevant to that audience. This is the secret. In other words, if you are talking to a group of real estate professionals, then a sales coach success story creates a disconnect because people may not be able to relate. Instead, prepare a story that is about a successful real estate professional. The closer your audience can see themselves in the story, the higher your sales will be. Select the right story for the right audience.

For more information on Rule #6 of the 7 Non-negotiable Rules of Public Speaking watch this short video on YouTube: