As a speaker, the best gift you can give your audience is yourself.  I’ll share five easy ways to do this using the acronym GIFTS.

Let’s start from the bottom and go up by starting with the S in GIFTS.

S stands for your STORY.

Your professional story.  Your professional story earns you the right to be speaking about your topic and shows your audience how you became the expert in it. Think of it as your “rags to riches” or “mess to success” story. Your story connects your audience to you because it shows them that you are just like them. That you became the expert on your topic through a journey of trial and error. You share your trials and tribulations so they can learn from your mistakes and not duplicate them. This gift of story could cut years off their training and help them to grow their business faster than they ever thought possible. It is priceless.

T is for TALENT.

You want to share your unique talents with your audience. What does that mean? It means you give your audience your talent by teaching them great content. Share your talents. God has given each of us unique talents, talents that only we possess. These talents are developed and perfected over time. If you don’t deliver them, they will be undelivered for all eternity.


At the end of every speech give your audience a way to take action. You can do that by asking them to see you at the end of your talk, giving them a calendar link, or an outright sales offer. Too many speakers leave their audience hanging without offering them a way to work with them to solve their problem. Create an opportunity for your audience to get help and move forward.


Always inspire your audience to get more, be more, or do more.  I believe as speakers we are in the business of selling HOPE. Hope for a better life, business, and future. Inspire your audience by letting them know they are not alone and there is hope out there for them. Encourage them to seek the help and training they need to reach their goals and aspirations.

G is for give your GIFTS.

Your entire speech and message are a gift. Whether you are a trained speaker or not, if you don’t step on stage and deliver your gifts, then no one’s life is going to change. Remember my mantra, you have a message to share that only you can share to people who can only hear from you. If you don’t share it, then those people who needed to hear it will go on suffering for all eternity. Their businesses could suffer or worse, they could go out of business. Your biggest gift is your message and it’s time to learn how to share it with the world.

How To Get Your Message Out There and Share your GIFTS

The best way to get your message out there is to get more speaker training. Don’t try to do it on your own. Public speaking has changed over the years, and you need to keep up with the latest trends so continue your training. I have several programs that will help you such as weekly group coaching programs, mastermind programs, and private coaching.

There is no reason why you can’t become a better speaker and get your best gifts to your audience.

Discover Your Gifts with a Gift from Arvee

If you’d like a free 30-minute strategy session to discover your GIFTS and how to get your them out into the world, you can book time with me here.