The pocket speech is a short, one-minute presentation that a business owner can pull out of their pocket at a moment’s notice. Typically, attendees at a networking meeting will get 30 seconds to share what they do and promote their business. What happens if you get one minute to speak? Will you be ready? Most are not. Here is my proven formula to create a one-minute pocket speech that doesn’t sound like a commercial. It is always a good idea to have this one-minute speech in your pocket and ready to go.

Let’s take a closer look at the proven formula for creating your pocket speech.

The Proven Formula for Creating Your One-minute Pocket Speech

Step 1: Start with the attention grabber. We start every speech with an attention grabber (even if it’s a one-minute message, five-minute showcase, or your 30-minute signature talk). The attention grabber could be a question, a powerful statement, or even a staggering statistic.

Step 2: Add your 30-second self-introduction. This includes your 10-second elevator speech, name, title, company, and credentials, in that order. The order is essential in this formula.

Step 3: Give a valuable tip. This tip is what keeps your pocket speech from turning into a commercial. Start this step with, “I have a tip for you…” this will get your audience’s attention because it is so rare to hear someone share a value-added tip when introducing themselves. Lastly, when giving a tip, give the  “how-to” part of the tip so they know how to do it. This will make the tip valuable.

Step 4: This is the most important and most overlooked step. It’s the invitation. An invitation to do business with you, take the next step, or schedule time on your calendar. Note, you do NOT want to give your website. That is not a good invitation. Why? Because they will never go there anyway. So you might as well give them this address: It’s a waste of time. Instead, invite them to come and see you at the end of a live meeting. In the virtual world, invite them to email you and put your email address in the chat. Invite them to sign-up for a free strategy session with you and put your calendar link in the chat. Be creative and find what works for your and your audience.

Step 5: End with a memorable statement. This may sound familiar. That’s because this is how you want to end every speech, whether it’s a one-minute, five-minute, or your signature talk. At the end of your speech, what do want to leave your audience with?

The memorable statement is the last power statement that you leave with the audience. For example, if you’re a health advocate, you might say, “Remember health is a choice you make every day.” If you’re a pet sitter, you might say, “Remember, animals have rights too.”

Make it good, make it strong, and make it memorable.

That is my 5-step formula to create a powerful pocket speech.