Public speaking is one of the best ways to market yourself. This is part one of my top ten ways to use public speaking as a marketing strategy to attract more clients, generate unlimited leads and grow your business. There is no order to this list. One is not better than another. All of them are effective but use them at the right time in the right place.

You may find that you use one more heavily than another, or not at all. That’s okay. There are so many places for you to use public speaking, just select the top five that you’re the most comfortable with using.

1. Speaking to groups

If you want to make more sales, you need to get in front of more people. Speaking at your local Chamber of Commerce or other local organizations is a great way to market your business.  Instead of sitting on the sidelines watching a speaker, be the speaker so that all eyeballs are on you. A typical group has 25-30 people and now they all know you, whereas if you were just networking you would reach only a few.

Seek out groups that have your target market.  Marketing yourself through public speaking works best if you’re in front of the right group. It doesn’t work if you’re in front of a group that isn’t your target market.

Public speaking makes you an expert in your field. When you use other means of communication, no one realizes that you are the expert. I use front-of-the-room public speaking in my business every single week to gain visibility and get new clients.

2. Putting on your own seminar

One of my clients who is a financial planner is now focusing on seniors, primarily people who are 65 and older. She now only speaks to groups that have that demographic. Another thing she is doing is putting on her own seminars.

You can only speak in someone else’s room for so long and then you need to get people into your own room. Now you’ve got a captive audience. That’s when the magic happens. When you hold your own seminar, you can control the room, the environment, the information, and the time.

I hold various events throughout the year. For example, my Speak Up, Cash In event is a one-day, public speaker training seminar. That’s how I market myself. I know that when I spend an entire day with people, somebody is going to buy from me. It absolutely works. Eventually, you will want to put on your own workshop or seminar and get people into your room.

How do you get them into your room? You have to first build your database, or no one will come. A winning strategy is that whenever you speak; gather all the business cards by giving away a free raffle. You build your database over time, and then you’ll have enough to get people into a room. My database is over 15,000 because I’ve built it over the years through what I teach people, by doing a raffle, and by collecting their business cards.

3. Podcasts

Could you talk about various aspects of your expertise in your industry on your own podcast? Yes, but there’s a lot of work involved in setting up and publishing a podcast. Furthermore, you need to grow your listenership. I recommend that you start by being a guest on other people’s podcasts. This will help grow your visibility and you can also develop a following and grow your list with an invitation.

It’s always best to build your own list, get your own following, or your own tribe, as some call it. I prefer to call them my raving fans. Get your own raving fans to follow you because they’ll want more from you and eventually it may make sense to start your own podcast.

 4. Webinars

 A webinar is a live online presentation. You can use your PowerPoint® slides and engage with the audience through chat, have them interact with each other in virtual breakout rooms, and give them links to opt-in to your list (in exchange for some content), schedule a call with you, or even buy from you.

You can host your own webinars. You’ll need a list (database of emails and/or mobile numbers to send messages to). Can you leverage other people’s lists? Absolutely. If you can work out some mutual arrangement that makes it beneficial, you can ask for that kind of help or create a joint venture.

You may also seek out other organizations, groups, and businesses that look for speakers to lead webinars.

When you do a webinar, ensure you have high-speed internet access and ideally be hard-wired to have the best quality and the least chance of disconnecting.

 5. Live streaming

 Live streaming your presentation is another smart use of technology. You can live stream on most social networks. Pick the network or networks that your ideal clients tend to use most. You also can show your PowerPoint® slides if you want, while you interact with your audience. Make sure you have the right equipment and software when you do a live stream. If you can optimize your technology doing live streams can really raise your profile.

Consider Implementing Public Speaking for Marketing

By now you can begin to see the power of public speaking to grow your authority, visibility, and profitability. In my next blog, you’ll discover the 5 additional ways to market yourself through public speaking.