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Attention all aspiring seminar leaders…

Discover the “Inside Secrets” the professionals use to bring in tremendous amounts of cash!

How to Build Wealth Seminar

In 3 action-packed days, you will walk through, step-by-step, exactly how to plan, develop and execute a successful and profitable seminar, workshop, boot camp, or conference from The Master Speaker Trainer, Arvee Robinson!

Did you know that public speaking is one of the most inexpensive marketing strategies? Imagine making more money in one weekend than most people make in a whole month with public speaking.

Arvee will show you how with her proven system!

Top 5 reasons why the seminar business is one of the profitable businesses in the world…

#1 You create the program curriculum once…and get paid over and over again for simply delivering it!

#2 You have the chance to sell your info-products to a room full of hot prospects ready to buy!

#3 You can even record your seminar or workshop and turn it into an information product that will continue to add profits to your bottom line for years to come!

#4 You acquire private clients who are ready, willing, and able to pay top dollar for your expertise!

#5 You earn 50% of back-of-the-room sales from guest speakers at your seminar!

Learn exactly how you can replicate Arvee Robinson’s success during the 3-day workshop: How To Build Wealth With Seminars & Workshops. Arvee will break down her proven system for you, provide you with a complete blueprint for your very own event which you can begin promoting right away, and she will reveal her own moneymaking seminar secrets, financial freedom insights, and much more!

Be Light-Years Ahead Of The Competition!

Are you wondering whether you should attend…or if this is right for you? Consider…

  • If you’re a business owner, service provider, consultant, coach, entrepreneur, author, trainer, or anyone with information of value to teach others.
  • If you want to leverage your time by presenting your message in front of a large group of hot prospects.
  • If you have a message you’re passionate about and want to share with others.


  • If you want to attract more high-paying clients to your business.
  • If you want to add a profitable income stream to your existing business, or start a seminar business from scratch.
  • If your business can benefit in any way, shape, or form by producing seminars, workshops, boot camps, or conferences.

How to Build Wealth with Seminars and Workshops will change your life!

Learn “insider secrets” on how to:

  • Grow your business by hosting events that attract hoards of new clients!
  • Design your very own moneymaking seminar, workshop or boot camp.
  • Use effective marketing strategies to get more “cheeks in the seats.”
  • Promote your seminars and workshops through multiple marketing channels.
  • Create back-of-the-room info products that boost your profits.


  • Use a simple proven formula to calculate your total seminar revenues.
  • Create a program title that attracts people to sign up—no matter how much you’re charging.
  • Know the difference between a seminar, workshop, boot camp, and conference…and which one is the most profitable.
  • Ask for the “hidden bonuses” when booking hotels and conference centers.
  • Select the right music to reach your audience’s subconscious learning mind.
  • Negotiate hotel contracts…and save hundreds of dollars on room expenses!
  • Use price point strategies to learn how to price your program for maximum attendance.
  • Include group exercises that keep your audience actively engaged and in ideal learning mode.
  • Develop a back-of-the-room script that gets your audience running to the back table to buy your products!
  • Use stories to captivate your audience and “invisibly” activate their buying response.

Discover other facts that professional seminar promoters already know, such as:

  • The best cities in the U.S. for holding seminars and workshops.
  • The best days of the week to for attracting the maximum number of attendees.
  • The ideal length for your event.


  • The best-selling topics for high-priced seminars and workshops.
  • How to recruit speakers to present at your seminar.
  • When you should use an event planner…and what to look for in one.

 Get the kind of close attention you really need to succeed.

Benefit from the most intimate and practical experience money can buy.

  • You’ll have a chance to practice your call to action and get coaching on how to make it as powerful and persuasive as possible.
  • You’ll have plenty of opportunity to be coached every step of the way as you develop your own seminar or workshop.
  • You’ll connect with fellow attendees on a much deeper level and maybe even develop life long friendships or business partners!
  • Weekly tele-coaching calls where you’ll continue to reinforce what you learn…for an entire year! VALUE $997
  • A 93-page manual outlining all the techniques you’ll need to create your own profitable workshops and seminars. VALUE $197
  • 7 magnetic marketing ideas to get a butt-load of “cheeks in the seats!” VALUE $97


  • A list of successful marketing emails you can legally ‘steal and deploy’ in promoting your own seminar! VALUE $97
  • A powerfully effective telemarketing script your sales team can use to sell out every ticket! VALUE $297
  • 3 powerful story chunks you can use to drive more sales. VALUE $47
  • My step-by-step system for successfully selling back-of-the-room products and services. VALUE $197
  • 5 exercises and games you can use as powerful teaching tools. VALUE $27
  • 11 effective back-of-the-room forms from the best closers in the speaking business! VALUE $79
  • And a terrific group of new friends to add to your network! Priceless

All this adds up to $1,838 worth of extra bonuses when you sign up for this workshop!

Meals are included!

As a workshop attendee, the investment includes your breakfast, lunch, and dinner for two days, and breakfast and lunch on day three.

100% Guarantee100% Guarantee 

Arvee is 100% committed — she guarantees it! Make this one of the best investments in yourself!

quotesI’ve hosted 50 seminars thanks to Arvee!

I was about to host my first seminar, but I was afraid and had no clue where to start. I met with Arvee six times before the seminar, and she helped me with all aspects of public speaking. My first seminar was a success, and I have done about 50 since. Seminars are now easy for me to do thanks to Arvee.

Scott Zimmerman,



quotesArvee takes ‘guess work’ out of success

I must say Arvee made the process of putting a seminar business together seem achievable for anyone. She took a lot of the guess work out of “what needs to be done.” Here fun loving yet professional style makes sitting and learning from her an absolute joy – if you are thinking about getting into the seminar business you will find her content invaluable!

Mike Marmion, San Diego, CA