You may be wondering about the advantages of speaking on other people’s stages. There are a variety of advantages and benefits to being featured on other people’s stages.

Let’s go through the advantages of speaking on other’s stages:

  1. When you speak on other’s stages there is typically little (under $500) or no money investment. Unless you’re doing a sponsored spot or paid to speak spot, it’s not going to cost you much.
  2. There is little or no marketing effort. They may ask you to send emails or social media. Of course, you should absolutely share this speaking engagement on social media. But, the marketing they are doing is a whole lot more. They are doing marketing every day and paying for all the marketing including Facebook ads, speaking spots, promotions, email, and a lot of energy and effort to get people there and make their event a success. As a speaker guest, you spend very little of that kind of effort.
  3. You have little or no financial responsibility. You don’t have to pay for the venue, entertainment, signage, or whatever expenses are required to staff, create, and run the event. As a speaker, you don’t have that responsibility. You may have paid $500 (more or less) and you’re done. That is a nice advantage.
  4. There is no risk. If something happens, you are not liable. No one is going to sue you because you use their Facebook picture. There is no risk to you stepping on stage unless you trip and fall. If someone in the audience trips and falls, there is no risk to you.
  5. No drama. This is big. As a speaker, you can come in deliver the speech and if you want to you can leave. You don’t have to suffer from a heckler in the audience or someone doing something you don’t want to, or a sponsor taking people out of the room when they are not supposed to. There is a lot of drama that comes with dealing with people at events, and as a guest speaker, you don’t need to do that.
  6. There is little or no up-front time. You may have to create a PowerPoint and practice. But you don’t have to spend six months getting ready for the event. You don’t have to create all the agendas, run of show, handouts, workbooks, or flyers for every aspect of the event. You show up and do your thing.
  7. You get visibility without any of the work. It’s the greatest.

Advantages of Gracefully Getting On Other’s Stages

You might be thinking why should I invest in doing the things that get me on stages gracefully (like being an attendee, volunteer, sponsor, etc.). In addition to the advantages of speaking on other’s stages, there are six benefits to you and your business.

  1. It’s a fast and easy way to build your database. There are several ways to build your database from speaking on other’s stages. At a live event, you can collect business cards and do a giveaway. At a virtual event, you can do a giveaway by collecting email addresses. There are lots of clever ways to do that virtually.
  2. You can sell your services (if they allow you to sell from the platform). Or they may allow you to say come to my exhibitor/sponsor booth. You can sell services there.
  3. You will gain visibility whether you do database building or selling. You can do nothing but be on stage and get that visibility.
  4. Generate leads. With a giveaway, sponsor booth, an exhibitor table, or even a creative handout, you can generate leads. If you can’t do any of that. Give a simple command: “If I’ve inspired you in any way, come and see me (or reach out to me in the chat).” Even if you don’t have permission from the host to sell or collect leads, you can ask them to reach out to you. This is the push technique. Another way to say it could be, “If I’ve touched your heart or you have any questions, come see me at the exhibitor booth or reach out to me in the chat.” You “push” people to do something with a direct command. If you have any questions, come and see me or reach out to me in the chat. Use some sort of similar ask.
  5. Attract clients. This will happen just based upon your presentation. If you do a persuasive presentation, they will resonate with you and your energy. You will shine and they will come to you. You don’t even have to ask for the sale or say anything. They will seek you out. You will be a magnet and draw people directly to you.
  6. Fame. Whether you like it or not, you are going to get more famous. It’s OK. It’s not who you know. Rather it’s who knows you. That’s a bit of faith. Look forward to being famous. Look forward to people knowing who you are and what you do and you will get on more stages.

The Most Profitable Stage You Can Speak On

What is the best stage for you to ever speak on?

If you answered, Your OWN, you’re right. Out of all the stages in the world, the best one to speak on is your own. Why? There are several reasons. You have more control of what goes on. You have control of the audio, PowerPoint, microphone, the audience, music, etc. It’s all under your control.

The best part, you get to speak longer. You are in control of your speaking time. You can speak for 90 minutes or 2 to 3 days. Remember, the more you are in front of your audience and they hear from you, the more they fall in love with you. Then, the more they want to buy from you and the higher price they will pay.

On your own stage, you can sell anything you want. When you’re on other’s stages, many don’t let you sell anything. On your stage, you can make small, big, or multiple offers. And you get to keep all the money you make. In my one-day I sell twice. I could never do that on someone else’s stage. On my big stage (3-day event), I sell two different big-ticket items. The longer you are with them, the higher ticket items you can sell.

You also can have extensive meet and greet time with your participants. You also choose the speakers and set the agenda.

With your own event, you are the star. You get the attention. You’re in the limelight and the one who gets the attention. You are the go-to. When you speak on other’s stages, you’re just another speaker among others.

On your own stage, you control the environment, control the energy, you can speak as long as you possibly can. Then you get people to fall in love with you. Make them an offer they can’t refuse, and when you do this well, you’ll make $100k in a weekend. I know because I’ve done it. And I’ve done it more than once.

All of this that I’ve been talking about, takes training. It’s important to get more training. Come to the Million Dollar Speaker Summit.

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