Like the five-minute business showcase, you want to create a one-minute message used to generate leads and attract clients. Normally, at a networking meeting, you are given thirty seconds to introduce your business. Typically, those thirty seconds are a sales pitch. A sales pitch often repels people instead of attracts them because it’s self-promotion and offers no value to your listener.

How To Give Value with Your Magnetic 1-Minute Message

However, when you have one minute, you do NOT make a sales pitch. Instead, you give value! And the value that you give is like a magnet. It attracts people to you.

To create your one-minute message that captivates and creates interest, use the following formula:

Step 1: Start with an attention grabber.

Step 2: Add in your 10-second elevator speech. That is, include what you do for clients and the benefits.

Step 3: State your full name.

Step 4: Give them one secret. Add one piece of content that they will value. This step is the most valuable part of the one-minute message. You’ll want to spend 15-20 seconds sharing this piece of content. Skip the long-winded stories and focus on one powerful value-added tip.

Step 5: Memorable statement that leaves them with a powerful reason to remember this content and ideally take some action.

Arvee’s 1-Minute Magnetic Message

I’ve recorded a One-Minute Message for you to see an example: