Arvee takes the guesswork out of speaking!

Arvee has over 30 years of public speaking experience. She coaches from an intuitive place and will provide you with exactly what you need for your own personal growth and public speaking success. She will also hold your feet to the fire, make you accountable and move you forward to accomplish your goals. 

Become A Speaking Superstar

If you want to be successful at speaking, you need a mentor who has a proven speaker system.

As a personal client of Arvee Robinson, you will receive one-on-one coaching to learn the dynamics of becoming a powerful, persuasive public speaker.  Speaker Success Coaching is for those who are looking for coaching on a much deeper level, are extremely motivated to become as powerful and as persuasive of a speaker as possible… and to put those skills into action.

With Arvee Robinson’s advanced training, and accountability, she will help you not only become a more persuasive public speaker… she will coach you on how to get speaking engagements, give dynamic and engaging presentations, and attract high paying clients!

Speaker Success Coaching

Superstar Speaking Success
3-month program
  • Learn a proven speaker system to create any speech for the rest of your life.
  • Craft your magnetic core message (elevator speech) using a simple duplicatable formula.
  • Turn your core message into an irresistible self-introduction.
  • Develop your professional story that builds rapport with your audience and earns you the right to speak.
  • Create your 30-minute signature speech that generates unlimited leads and attracts high-paying clients.
  • Design a 5-minute business showcase that draws your target market to you.
  • Learn how to tap into your own heart and become nakedly authentic.
  • Engage your audience by using customized audience participation techniques designed for that particular group.
  • Leave knowing where to go to get all the speaking engagements you can handle.
Megastar Speaking Success
6-month program

Includes everything listed above in the Superstar Speaking Success Program, PLUS...

  • Develop or refine your own money-making coaching programs.
  • Create your own LIVE events, workshops, and bootcamps.
  • Learn how to market your events and get people to attend.
  • Develop webinars, virtual events, online programs, and podcasts.
  • Sell from the platform using Arvee’s lucrative success formula.
  • Be interviewed by Arvee on her Million Dollar Speaker Podcast.
VIP Day Immersion
1 Day

Are you ready for total speaking immersion?

Then this program is for you.

It is 8-hours of 1-on-1 public speaking training with Arvee where you will learn everything in the Superstar Speaking Success Program above at a rapid fire pace. This constant flow of information will be downloaded to you in one intense full day of training. It speeds up your learning curve and will get you ready to speak immediately.

This includes the VIP Day Immersion, either virtual or live, plus a special bonus of 2 additional hours for follow up and accountability over Zoom.

Raving Fans

"Arvee's Coaching is priceless!"

When I met Arvee I knew I wanted to start speaking but I did not know how to go about it. I took all of Arvee’s training and coaching programs. I learned how to write and give my speech and how to go about booking myself. Shortly after finishing her training I spoke to a major financial group that I never would have been able to speak to before. Thanks Arvee

Lynda J. Roth
LJR Consulting Services

"Dramatically increased 
my closing rate!"

As an experienced speaker and author, I thought I was pretty savvy at closing sales from the stage. Then, in just one coaching session, Arvee Robsinson showed me how to dramatically increase my closing rate! She can even teach an old dog like me some new tricks! If you are serious about your speaking career, plug into Arvee's wisdom.

Daniel Hall
Speakers Cruise Free

"I now have the confidence
and skill I need!"

Arvee’s Speaker Training Intensive is dynamite! Arvee gave me step-by-step tools, skills, and templates to use everyday. During the workshop, Arvee helped us use each skill she taught and experience the success. Within 3 weeks of working with Arvee I was able to deliver a 2-hour presentation and teach a 5-hour technical workshop of my own with confidence and skill. The results were much better than if I had not worked with Arvee.

Todd Rindlisbaker
Salt Lake City, UT