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Arvee is a sought after high-energy motivational speaker, having delivered over 5,500 presentations nationally and internationally on Marketing, Business Growth & Development, and Communication.

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The Master Speaker Trainer, international keynote speaker, and three-time bestselling author, captivates her audiences with high-energy, high-content, interactive presentations filled with vivid stories. Her audiences have fun while learning workable strategies they can put into action immediately. Arvee has presented more than five thousand motivational keynotes and content-rich educational programs all over the world. She has shared the stage with speaking giants Mark Victor Hansen, Brian Tracy, Les Brown, Sharon Lechter, Loral Langemeier, Tom Hopkins, and many others.

Arvee is a published author of Speak Up Get Clients: How to Use Public Speaking as a Marketing Strategy to Attract High-Paying Clients. She has published chapters in five collaborative books, number-one bestseller The Impact of One Voice, Volume I, number-one bestseller Live the Life You Love, number-one bestseller Ready Aim Captivate, Inspiration to Realization, and Profitable Social Media. She is also the host of the Million Dollar Speaker Podcast.

Arvee's Most Popular Books

Keynote Speaker

Let Arvee Robinson, The Master Speaker Trainer, International Speaker, and bestselling Author speak at your next corporate event, conference, retreat, or business meeting. As founder of Arvee Robinson International, Arvee is a sought after high-energy motivational speaker, having delivered over 5,500 presentations in multiple countries on Marketing, Business Growth and Development, and Communication, in addition to her Superstar Signature program: Speak Up, Get Clients.

On stage, Arvee is known for her dynamic wit, high-impact delivery, and ability to connect and engage with her audience. For decades, she has been working with nonprofits, businesses owners, service professionals, and entrepreneurs in professional development through motivational keynote presentations, content-rich educational programs, speaker training – which includes teaching her exclusive proven speaker system, coaching,

Speaking Engagement Categories

  • Keynote Speaker
  • Short Programs
  • Breakout Sessions
  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Emcee

Speaking Presentation Topics

  • Public Speaking
  • Storytelling
  • Generating Leads 
  • Attracting Clients
  • Closing Sales
  • Magnetic Networking
  • Presentation Skills
  • Leadership Excellence
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Keynote Speeches

Speak Up, Get Clients

During this presentation Arvee teaches how to use public speaking as a marketing strategy
to attract high-paying clients.

In this presentation, Arvee will teach how to:

  • Captivate your audience and leave them wanting more.
  • Identify the three talks every business owner needs.
  • Use the most inexpensive marketing strategy around.
  • Build a database every time you speak.
  • Generate unlimited qualified hot leads.

Your Message Matters

Arvee shares how important their message is and why they need to get it out to the world. 

In this presentation, Arvee will teach how to:

  • Realize your message matters more than you know.
  • Be nakedly authentic and speak from the heart.
  • Share your truth and become vulnerable.
  • Receive the proper training needed to step on stage.
  • Build audience excitement through your energy.

Infinite Impact

 Arvee explains and teaches the magnitude of impact their words have in the lives of people and how it has an infinite impact. 

In this presentation Arvee will teach you how to:

  • Inspire your audience to take massive action.
  • Use the truth to open the hearts of your listeners.
  • Share courageously and change the lives of others.
  • Fuel your vision with enthusiasm.
  • Speak persuasively to get your audience to buy from you. 

Successful Virtual Speaking

Public speaking has changed and it is now the virtual arena. Arvee teaches how to navigate your speech and successfully close without the human touch.

In this presentation Arvee will teach how to:

  • difference between virtual and live
  • audience participation as if it was live.
  • 3 money-making closes 
  • compete with all the distractions 
  • powerpoint presentation