3 Successful Content Elements Of Development


Let Passion Start You

Many people think that being passionate about a topic means they can talk about it. This may be true if you have two additional key elements. Passion is the most powerful element. You can’t convey a message effectively without passion. However, I may be passionate about dogs. They are loveable creatures that are loyal, caring, and sensitive. I love them for those and more reasons. However, despite all the love and passion of being a dog lover simply isn’t enough to create successful content for a presentation.

Be Very Knowledgeable

Therefore, the second critical element that is needed is being knowledgeable about the subject matter. It’s helpful if you are well versed and educated on your subject. If you have demonstrated mastery, studied this arena extensively and dedicated to your time to it, then likely you have gained knowledge and have meaningful insights and wisdom that can captivate an audience. Not everyone has all your knowledge therefore they look to you as their mentor and guide.

Connect With Your Audience

You need to be speaking to your audience, your “people”. This is the third key is being relevant with an audience. In fact, there must be an audience that cares about this topic you are so passionate and knowledgeable about. If you don’t have anyone that wants to listen or wants the information, you’ll be speaking to deaf ears and you’ll go broke. Don’t let that happen. Find the most proper and most appropriate audience that desperately needs and wants your messages. Do this to be appreciated and profitable.

You could be the best trained speaker, but if your content is irrelevant or not resonating with any audience, you’re dead as a speaker. Therefore, once again, get that audience that totally connects with you and absolutely has to have your invaluable insights and information. Your audience will be your tribe for life!

Get Trained – Get Trained Right – Get Trained Right Now

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Remember the 3 Keys to Successful Content Development: Be passionate. Be knowledgeable. Be relevant to an audience. Then use them to select your ultimate topic.

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