How to Use PowerPoint in Virtual Presentations


When you deliver a live presentation (in person) that is 30 minutes or less, do not use PowerPoint. In a 30-minute talk it is important to use every minute to connect and build rapport with your audience. When you depend on a PowerPoint presentation, this takes you away from your audience and creates a disconnect. Also, you do not have control over the environment or other people’s equipment. And it is not worth the effort for you to bring your own equipment for a 15 or 30-minute talk. Plus, you do not know the setup of the room or even if they could accommodate your equipment.

When To Use PowerPoint In Virtual Presentations

The virtual world if different. PowerPoint presentations add a powerful visual element to your speech. If done right, a PowerPoint slide can captivate your audience and keep their attention. What works best in the virtual arena is to mix up the visual effects. Have yourself on the screen and then show a couple of PowerPoint slides. You might share your screen after your professional story and again when you invite the audience to engage in an activity. Your PowerPoint presentation should include powerful pictures and  videos not a bunch of text. Pictures and videos will ensure a more emotional experience. Make sure your PowerPoint is beautifully done, because in the virtual world everything is magnified. The PowerPoint takes up your entire screen and everyone can see every part of it.

Zoom Feature with PowerPoint

Zoom has a new sharing technique where you can be on screen on top of your PowerPoint. It is called PowerPoint as Background. To access it go to Share Screen > Select the Advanced Tab. Then look for and choose the option “PowerPoint as Background.” This is available to users who have the latest updated version of Zoom on their desktop. You will then see yourself in the lower right side of your screen. You can move your position and resize yourself too. It is very cool. You will not be able to use animations or videos with this setting. However, it makes your PowerPoint much more personal.

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