How to Speak the Language of Your Audience (3/3)


As a public speaker, you need to communicate effectively with your audience. When you understand the different personalities in the room and use their language, they will be all ears. In this third and final installment of this 3-part series, you will learn how to reach different personalities in the room  more effectively.

B stands for Blueprint – This personality likes structure, precision and order. When you’re speaking to this audience, use words like systems, strategy, and planning. They want their speakers to start on time and give a list of their credentials.

A stands for Action

The Action personality is someone who actually likes money and likes to make money. The way you can tell an A personality is they will oftentimes wear name brand items. They wear Rolex watches, Gucci purses or the Channel sunglasses. They will be on time, not early or late, and will drive up in their fancy car so you can see it. They like to make a big entrance, so you can see their car whether it’s a Lamborghini, BMW, or Porsche. They’re going to make a big splash.

You’ve probably been to parties where there is a person who comes a little late to make a big splash. They’re probably a high A. One thing I love about high As is that they not only make money, but they want to have fun.  The Blueprints will put their nose to the grindstone, and they’ll crank out some good money, like attorneys. Your A personality are entrepreneurs. They love to have fun. If it ain’t fun they are not going to do it.

They love the word freedom. If you’re talking to a group of As use words like freedom, flexibility, spontaneity, opportunity excitement, stimulation, attention, and competition. They love competition. They want to win. It’s all about the image. I’m a pretty high A myself, but I’m also a high N.

N is for Nurturer 

Nurturers are people who really want to make a difference. When I was in Corporate America, I was more of a B and A person because I was in systems. Now I’m an A and N personality. I want to make money, but I really want to help people.  I want to help them become better speakers, take their message out to the world and make money for themselves. The N’s want to make a difference. You want to use words like that.

When you come to my events, I always say, “How many of your want to make a difference?” “How many of you not only want to make a difference, but want to make money doing it?” I’m talking to the Ns and the As with these enrolling questions. I can also say, “How many of you want to make a difference, make money, through a proven system?” Now I’m talking to the B personalities. This way you can put it all in one sentence.

The Ns love relationships and authenticity. When you speak to them you have to be real.

How do I know a group of Ns? They are the spiritual people, the  “woo woo” types. They are the people who are going to save the world, help people and oftentimes don’t think about getting get paid for it. They often find themselves struggling financially. It doesn’t have to be that way; no one said Ns couldn’t make money. It’s  their own mindset.

Nurturers like words like personal growth, teamwork, involvement, community, charity, ethics, harmony, and morality. These are the kinds of words that you’ll use when speaking to Ns. They really want to work together, collaborate and be part of team.

We see these kinds of people all throughout our day. Some of their jobs, besides the “woo woo” people, are nurses and doctors, chiropractors, nutritionists, life coaches. They love non-profit and cause-related work. They’re going to be saving the whales. They are priests and pastors, or a Mother Theresa or a Gandhi, that kind of thing.

K is for Knowledge

Knowldege people are attracted to words like learning, intelligence, logic, self-mastery, technology, research and development, science, universal truths, expertise, accuracy, and the big picture.

When talking to a group of Ks who love knowledge, you make sure that you teach them something. They are going to learn something and master it. The knowledge people are computer programmers, computer and technology people, or scientists. They are not just people who like numbers, but the ones who really like to know things. They’re going to sit in front of a computer and learn, learn, learn all day long.

Ks love theory so they’re drawn to philosophical issues.  Einstein was a high K. Edison was probably a high K. It is important to teach the Ks something that will make them think and learn something.

What’s important to know is that all of us are a bit of all of these personalities; it’s just a matter of degree. There is a free test that you can take and you can find your own BANK code. Here is a website you can check out:

I did mine and I’m an Action/Nurturer/Blueprint/Knowledge (ANBK).  I am using this new system when I get in front of the room to talk so I don’t alienate anyone in my audience.

About the author 

Arvee Robinson

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