You Have A Message That Needs To Be Heard


Are you thinking, “I don’t have much to say” or “I don’t think what I have to say matters to anyone?” if so, you’re not alone in this thinking, but you will be surprised by what the truth really is.

I see many brilliant entrepreneurs and passion filled leaders dragging their feet about getting out there and speaking. You may think you “should “be speaking more. Perhaps, you’ve put off getting trained and putting effort to find opportunities to share your message. Maybe you justify that by thinking that it’s not all that important anyway. But all of these thoughts are simply excuses and not the truth.

The truth is, you have a message!

In fact, you have a message that only you can share to people that can only hear it from you. And that message will save somebody’s life, save somebody’s business or save somebody’s soul. If you don’t deliver it, it will go undelivered for all eternity and the people that needed to hear it will go on suffering.

And you may never know it.

Recently, I was speaking at a book expo and at the last minute they cut my time to 10 minutes so I almost canceled. But since I was on my way, I went ahead and gave my talk. At the end of it, a woman who came last year who had bought my book then approached me. She told me that she had given it to her dad who has dementia. She shared how he lost the book so she came again hoping I would be here so she could buy another book. This woman went on to explain that my book had inspired her father to get out there and speak about dementia. So I turned around and gave her 2 signed copies of Speak Up, Get Clients; one for her and one to give to her dad. (See picture of her dad to the right). I was so glad that I delivered the talk and didn’t cancel. Furthermore, this was a moving and humbling experience for me.

I also asked her if she would do a video giving her dad the book. He was surprised, overwhelmed, and pleased to receive his new copy of the book. Just watching the video, made me realize that we always have an impact with our words. We may not always know what that impact is. You are lucky if you get to witness the impact. It is a warm and humbling experience that helps keep people going.

We touch people all day long with our words and we will never know their impact. However, every once in a while, you will get that feedback. It is something to remember and treasure as we continue the journey of getting our message out to the world.

If we can get someone to tell us, that makes it all worthwhile. But even if you do not get that feedback, trust me, you will make a difference, and someone is waiting for it right now.

It’s Time To Make A Difference

If you know you “really need to get out there” and haven’t put any action towards it, there is one simple thing you can do right now. Sign up for my upcoming virtual 3-day Speaker Training at Million Dollar Speaker Summit. You will learn powerful tools to develop your mastery around speaking.

I can’t wait to see you there and hear about your speaking success in the coming months.

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